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Thank you for providing such great products! I have been buying CBD from you for the past year, and recommend it to everyone I know. It is such a game changer taking the correct dosage - I buy the 3000mg house brand, and it's helped my creativity, focus, sleep, attention, motivation, relaxation, etc, etc!

Alessia E.

I came to Natural Releaf on my recent trip to NYC. I was struggling with anxiety and chronic pain and was desperate for something to help. I had never used CBD before trying the Natural Releaf products and was so amazed! Using the mints so far has been a life changer. My pain is less, I'm sleeping better, my anxiety is cut in half, my digestion is more regulated, and I am happier. I am so thankful to their staff for taking time to connect with me on a personal level and really pinpoint products that would specifically help me. Jerry even made a custom order for me after I got back home to Georgia and had been so extremely helpful! 10/10 will be recommending to all of my friends, family and client's!

Christiana Sayyah

Absolutely the best quality CBD and service I’ve found in the city. The staff is very knowledgeable and take the time to explain all of the types of products. Highly recommend to anyone new to CBD or for someone looking for the best of oils, vapes, dry or edibles.

Jason S.