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Natural Releaf CBD is your trusted brand for all things CBD, from CBD information, CBD oil, CBD edibles, CBD creams, and CBD pet products. We know how it feels to continually live through discomforts from life . As a team of CBD experts and Cannabis enthusiasts who had individual challenges that led us to this point, we are committed to providing that helping hand you need to improve your wellbeing and to educate everyone. We value ourselves as more of a educator by sharing our knowledge on CBD that we learned from our own experiences and feedback within the community.  We strive to educate the masses about the benefits of the cannabis plants and changing the stigma that's attached to our industry. CBD, which is non-psychoactive is used to reap the benefits of cannabis but without the mind-altering high.

Our mission...

Natural Releaf CBD store in New York

Natural Releaf stands as a channel to provide CBD awareness, products, and advice needed to improve the wellbeing of people regardless of their background, location, and challenges. In the year 2016 that's when Natural Releaf CBD was founded We are a small business that's built by Cannabis enthusiasts and CBD experts that are passion driven. In the year 2016 that's when Natural Releaf CBD was founded and was able to see the immense benefits of CBD in the lives of people firsthand.

This encouraged us to continue to spread the good news of this disruptive game-changer CBD (Cannabidiol) to the masses. We created our own unique CBD products to ensure our audience gets the best quality and results, and as of 2019, we expanded our reach to the Upper East Side, NY and Murray Hill, NY, which is just a few minutes away from the Empire State Building.